Economic 5-functions Electric Patient Adult Medical Sickbeds

Product Name: Electric care bed

Model Number: YJ-DC01

Crankleg Angle: 0-35

Back-start Angle: 0-75

Bed Body Material: thickened steel plate

Product Size: 1935*900*490/750(±50)mm

Electric Aluminum Alloy Travel Wheelchair

Product name: Electric Wheelchair

Battery type: Lithium battery

Tire Type: Pneumatic tire

Frame Material: Aluminium alloy

Front/Rear Wheels: Front wheel: 8 inches   Real wheel:12 inches

Electric Steel Tube High Backrest Wheelchair

Product Name: electric wheelchair vehicle

Battery Type: lithium battery

Tire Type: inflatable tire

Frame Material: aluminum alloy

Front Wheel: 8 inches

Rear Wheel: 12 inches

Cabinet Minister: 96cm

Overall Height: 97cm

Total Width: 60.5cm

Sitting Height and Width: 50cm, 44cm

All-Lying High Back-Leaning Manual Wheelchair

Product Name: High Back Wheelchair

Frame Material: steel pipe frame

Product Size: 1200 * 1000 * 670mm

Width: 970 * 300 * 530mm

Position Surface Height: 560mm

Armrest Height: 720mm

Position Face Width: 450mm

Position Surface Depth: 440mm

Backrest Height: 670mm

Weight Bearing: 100 kg

Multi-functional Manual Wheelchair

Product Name: All-lying High Back-Leaning Manual Wheelchair

Expand Dimensions: 930 * 620 * 880mm

Wheelchair Weight: 13.5KG

Front Wheel Diameter: 6 inches

Rear Wheel Diameter: 20 inches

Tire Nature: 4-inch solid tire

Fabric Material: 3D honeycomb fabric

Folding Size: 930 * 240mm

Frame Material: thickened aluminum alloy

Product Load-bearing: 120KG

Wooden Nursing Bed

Bed surface frame: durable frame with Cold-rolled steel plate, with epoxy coating finished

Overall Sizes: (LXWXH)2200mmx1060mmx500mm

Bed head bed foot: advanced home wooden plates

A pair of side rails 

Castors:125mm dia.silent castors make the bed move flexibly

Cranks: Steel foldable cranks 

Medium-Bending Multifunctional Manual Nursing Beds

Product Name: Medium-Bending Back-lifting Hospital Nursing Beds

Product Size: 2060*960*500mm

Back lifting angle:0-85°

Leg falling angle:0-45°

Leg lifting angle:0-25°

Body-turning angle:0-55°

Full-Bending Multifunctional Manual Nursing Beds

Product Name: Full-Bending multifunctional nursing beds

Bed Body Frame: Environmental low-carbon cold rolled

Bed Sizes: 2060*960*500mm

Bed board and tailboard material: Environmentally ABS Materials

Foldable guardrails: Aluminium alloy

Control device: Non-electrical 

Stainless steel column back-rest: 0-85° 

Leg-rest: 0-25° 

Turn left and right over angle: 0-85° arbitrary adjustable

Toilet Hole Size: 230-250mm

Traction Bed

Traction Bed YJ-06

Overall sizes: Pulling open long 2000mm wide:550mm(without hand wheel)

Seat height: 550mm

Traction distance: 0-250mm

Traction Bed YJ-04

Overall sizes: Pulling open long 2000mm wide:550mm(without hand wheel)

Seat height: 550mm

Traction distance: 0-250mm

Traction Chair

Traction chair series: Y-YJ-01

Overall sizes: 700mmx750mmx1900mm   

Traction chair series:Y-YJ-03

Overall sizes: 630mmx680mmx1900mm  

Traction chair series:Y-YJ-04

Overall sizes: 480mmx450mmx1900mm


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