Custom Manual Wheelchairs

Custom Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair is a chair with wheels for use when walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, old age or disability.

Wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the specific needs of the user. Technology has changed with the times - they can be very light, allowing for more efficient self-propulsion.

A manual wheelchair is a mobility device designed to assist individuals who have difficulty walking or cannot walk at all. Unlike motorized or electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs are self-propelled by the user or pushed by a caregiver. They are commonly used by people with various mobility challenges, including those with disabilities, injuries, or medical conditions that affect their ability to walk.

Why choose a manual wheelchair?

Manual wheelchairs are foldable and easier to transport, they tend to require less maintenance and provide an effective form of exercise! Manual wheelchairs are available in a variety of styles and can be customised to optimise functionality. Depending on the type of manual wheelchair, they can be self-powered or powered with assistance.

Custom Manual Wheelchairs

Custom Manual Wheelchairs


Daily Mobility: Manual wheelchairs are used by individuals with mobility impairments to move around their homes, workplaces, and communities on a daily basis.

Medical Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers use manual wheelchairs to transport patients within the facility and during medical procedures.

Home Use: Manual wheelchairs provide users with the ability to navigate their homes, perform daily activities, and maintain independence within their living spaces.

Outdoor Activities: Manual wheelchairs enable users to engage in outdoor activities such as going for walks, picnics, and outings in parks or recreational areas.

Travel: Foldable manual wheelchairs are commonly used for travel, whether it's by car, plane, or other means. Their compact size makes them easy to transport.

Schools and Educational Institutions: Students with mobility challenges use manual wheelchairs to move around school campuses and participate in classes and activities.

Workplace: Manual wheelchairs allow individuals with mobility impairments to navigate office spaces, workshops, and other work environments.

Shopping and Errands: Wheelchairs make shopping and running errands more accessible and convenient for users.

Social Gatherings: Manual wheelchairs provide users the opportunity to attend social events, gatherings, and parties.

Public Spaces: Manual wheelchairs ensure accessibility in public spaces like museums, theaters, restaurants, and other venues.

Sports and Recreation: Sports wheelchairs, a specialized type of manual wheelchair, are designed for various sports such as basketball, tennis, and racing.

Rehabilitation: Manual wheelchairs are often used during the rehabilitation process after surgeries or injuries to aid in mobility and recovery.

Temporary Use: In some cases, individuals may use manual wheelchairs temporarily while recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Assisted Living Facilities: Manual wheelchairs are commonly used in assisted living and nursing care facilities to help residents move around safely and comfortably.

Volunteer and Community Activities: Wheelchairs enable individuals with mobility challenges to participate in volunteer work and community service.

Emergency Situations: Manual wheelchairs can be crucial during emergency evacuations or when elevators are not operational.

Aging Population: Elderly individuals who may have difficulty walking for extended periods often use manual wheelchairs to maintain mobility and independence.

Tourism and Sightseeing: Manual wheelchairs make tourist attractions and sightseeing more accessible for individuals with mobility impairments.

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