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Hospital Bed

A hospital bed is a specialized type of bed used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. These beds are designed to provide comfort and support for patients who are undergoing medical treatment, recovering from surgeries, or dealing with various medical conditions. Hospital beds are equipped with features that allow healthcare providers to adjust the bed's position and height to accommodate the patient's medical needs and make caregiving tasks more manageable. These features can include adjustable head and foot sections, side rails for patient safety, and mechanisms to raise or lower the bed's height. Hospital beds play a crucial role in patient care by promoting patient comfort, aiding in medical procedures, and assisting caregivers in providing appropriate treatment and assistance.

Features of Hospital Bed

Motorized Adjustment: Hospital beds usually have motorized units that independently raise and lower the head and foot of the bed. This allows the patient to find a comfortable position for activities such as reading, eating or watching television.

Height Adjustment: Hospital beds can be raised or lowered to different heights. This feature helps patients get in and out of bed and helps caregivers work at a comfortable height when providing care.

Side rails: Integrated side rails provide additional safety and stability for easy entry and exit from the bed These rails provide support when the patient changes positions and help prevent accidental falls.

Supine and reverse supine: Some hospital beds can be tilted across the bed frame so that the head is below the feet (Trendelenburg) and vice versa (reverse Trendelenburg). This position is appropriate for specific medical conditions and procedures.

Braking Systems: Hospital beds are equipped with sturdy brakes on the wheels that allow caregivers to lock the bed in place and prevent accidental movement.

IV poles and accessories: Many hospital beds have built-in IV pole attachments for easy hanging of medical kits. Some models also provide hooks or attachment points for other medical accessories.

CPR Releases: Hospital beds have quick-release devices that allow caregivers to quickly lower the head section of the bed so that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can be performed if needed.

Underbed Clearance: Hospital beds usually have enough space under the bed frame to accommodate medical equipment such as patient lifts or portable imaging equipment.

Remote Control: Some hospital beds provide patients with a handheld remote control that allows them to adjust the position and settings of the bed independently.

Breathable Fabrics: Breathable fabrics on beds promote airflow, creating a comfortable sleeping environment and keeping you cool and fresh all night long.

Plush ergonomic mattresses: Plush ergonomically designed mattresses allow you to experience unparalleled comfort, relieve stress and enjoy restful sleep.

STURDY STEEL FRAME: The durable steel frame ensures long-lasting durability and stability, making hospital beds a reliable choice for everyday use.

With an adjustable headrest, leg rest, and overall height, Wooden Hospital Bed allows healthcare professionals to customize the bed's position according to each patient's specific needs. This flexibility promotes optimal comfort and aids in various medical procedures, ensuring ease of access for caregivers and minimizing strain.

Hospital Type Beds Applications:

Patient Care and Recovery: Hospital beds are primarily used to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for patients who are recovering from surgeries, illnesses, or medical procedures. The adjustable features allow patients to find positions that alleviate discomfort and aid in the recovery process.

Medical Procedures: Hospital beds are often used for various medical procedures, examinations, and treatments. The adjustable positions of the bed make it easier for healthcare providers to access different parts of the patient's body and perform procedures efficiently.

Critical Care: Intensive Care Units (ICUs) utilize specialized hospital beds to care for critically ill patients. These beds often have advanced monitoring capabilities, built-in scales, and features that facilitate patient management.

Elderly Care: Hospital beds are commonly used in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide a comfortable resting place for elderly individuals who may have mobility issues or medical conditions.

Maternity Care: Hospital beds are used in labor and delivery rooms to provide a comfortable space for expectant mothers during labor and childbirth. They can also be used for postpartum recovery.

Home Healthcare: Some patients require hospital-like care in their homes. Home healthcare providers may use hospital beds with adjustable features to assist patients with medical needs while allowing them to remain in their own homes.

Palliative Care: Hospital beds are crucial in palliative care units to provide comfort to patients with terminal illnesses. The adjustability of the beds helps manage pain and promote quality of life.

Rehabilitation: Hospital beds play a role in rehabilitation centers where patients are recovering from injuries, surgeries, or medical events like strokes. Adjustable positions aid in exercises and therapies.

Bariatric Care: Hospital beds designed for bariatric patients are built to handle higher weights and provide appropriate support for individuals with obesity-related health concerns.

Pediatric Care: Pediatric hospital beds are tailored to the needs of children and infants. These beds may have special features to ensure their safety and comfort.

Emergency Situations: Hospital beds with quick-release mechanisms are vital in emergency departments for patients who need rapid medical attention or resuscitation.

Long-Term Care: Patients who require extended stays in healthcare facilities benefit from hospital beds that provide comfort, prevent bedsores, and aid in daily care routines.

Hospital Bed Supplier

As a professional Hospital Beds supplier, Youjian understands the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in healthcare settings. Therefore, Wooden and Steel Hospital Bed features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that can be sanitized efficiently, reducing the risk of contamination and infection transmission.


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Economic 5-functions Electric Patient Adult Medical Sickbeds

Product Name: Electric care bed

Model Number: YJ-DC01

Crankleg Angle: 0-35

Back-start Angle: 0-75

Bed Body Material: thickened steel plate

Product Size: 1935*900*490/750(±50)mm

Medium-Bending Multifunctional Manual Nursing Beds

Product Name: Medium-Bending Back-lifting Hospital Nursing Beds

Product Size: 2060*960*500mm

Back lifting angle:0-85°

Leg falling angle:0-45°

Leg lifting angle:0-25°

Body-turning angle:0-55°

Full-Bending Multifunctional Manual Nursing Beds

Product Name: Full-Bending multifunctional nursing beds

Bed Body Frame: Environmental low-carbon cold rolled

Bed Sizes: 2060*960*500mm

Bed board and tailboard material: Environmentally ABS Materials

Foldable guardrails: Aluminium alloy

Control device: Non-electrical 

Stainless steel column back-rest: 0-85° 

Leg-rest: 0-25° 

Turn left and right over angle: 0-85° arbitrary adjustable

Toilet Hole Size: 230-250mm

Single and double cranks hospital beds

Material: environmental low-carbon cold rolled steel plate and steel pipe

Sizes: 2060x960x500mm

2pcs ABS bed heads

2pcs aluminium alloy foldable guardrails

1pc manual crank
4pcs mute castors

Wooden Nursing Bed

Bed surface frame: durable frame with Cold-rolled steel plate, with epoxy coating finished

Overall Sizes: (LXWXH)2200mmx1060mmx500mm

Bed head bed foot: advanced home wooden plates

A pair of side rails 

Castors:125mm dia.silent castors make the bed move flexibly

Cranks: Steel foldable cranks 

Premium Long-Term Care Beds

Product name: Premium Long Term Care Beds 

Product Size: 200*90*50cm

Starting angle: 0-85°

Falling angle: 0-55°

Turn angle: 0-55°

Raising angle: 0-25°


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