Wheelchairs Supplier


Wheelchairs are mobility devices designed to assist individuals with limited mobility in moving around independently. They consist of a seat mounted on a set of wheels and are either self-propelled (manual wheelchairs) or electrically powered (electric wheelchairs or power wheelchairs). Wheelchairs are essential tools that provide individuals with mobility impairments the means to access various environments and engage in daily activities.

Wheelchairs Supplier

Youjianis a professional China manual wheelchair supplier and power wheelchair factory, we have a full set of testing and production equipment, and we have an experienced management team and strong technical development force. Always focusing on technology development and product innovation, we have a professional R&D team and a complete production system from product design samples to finished products.

Wheelchairs Supplier

Wheelchairs Supplier


Daily Mobility: Wheelchairs are used for everyday activities like moving around the home, getting groceries, and running errands.

Medical Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers use wheelchairs for patient transport within the facility.

Outdoor Activities: Wheelchair users enjoy participating in outdoor activities, such as picnics, hiking, and sports, with specialized sports wheelchairs.

Travel: Wheelchairs designed for travel can be used on trips, cruises, and flights to enhance accessibility and mobility.

Workplace: Wheelchairs enable individuals with disabilities to navigate workplaces and perform their job responsibilities independently.

Education: Schools and universities provide accessible facilities and accommodate students with wheelchairs to ensure their educational inclusion.

Senior Care: Wheelchairs are used in senior care facilities to assist elderly residents in maintaining mobility and independence.

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