high back manual wheelchair sick and nursing

A high back manual wheelchair for sick and nursing patients is a specially designed mobility device that is ideal for individuals who require extra support and comfort due to their medical condition. This type of wheelchair is typically used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, but can also be used at home for those who require long-term care.


  • High backrest: The high backrest provides additional support for the patient's upper back and neck, which can be important for those with weak muscles or spinal issues.

  • Padded armrests: The padded armrests offer a comfortable place for the patient to rest their arms while sitting in the wheelchair.

  • Adjustable footrests: The adjustable footrests allow the patient to find a comfortable position and support their feet properly, which can be important for circulation and preventing pressure sores.

  • Lightweight and durable frame: The wheelchair is made of lightweight but durable materials, making it easy to maneuver and transport while still being sturdy and reliable.

  • Easy to clean: The wheelchair is designed with easy-to-clean materials to maintain a hygienic environment for the patient.


  • Hospital and medical facilities: High back manual wheelchairs are commonly used in hospitals and other medical facilities to provide additional support and comfort for patients who require it.

  • Nursing homes and long-term care facilities: Patients who require long-term care may benefit from using a high back manual wheelchair to maintain their mobility while also receiving the extra support they need.

  • Home care: Patients who require long-term care at home may also benefit from using a high back manual wheelchair, as it can help them maintain their independence and mobility while also providing the necessary support and comfort.

high back manual wheelchair sick and nursing

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