Economic 5-functions Electric Patient Adult Medical Sickbeds
Economic 5-functions Electric Patient Adult Medical Sickbeds
Economic 5-functions Electric Patient Adult Medical Sickbeds
Economic 5-functions Electric Patient Adult Medical Sickbeds
Economic 5-functions Electric Patient Adult Medical Sickbeds

Economic 5-functions Electric Patient Adult Medical Sickbeds

Product Name: Electric care bed

Model Number: YJ-DC01

Crankleg Angle: 0-35

Back-start Angle: 0-75

Bed Body Material: thickened steel plate

Product Size: 1935*900*490/750(±50)mm

Electric Hospital Bed

Electric hospital bed provide excellent support for long-term care of bedridden or mobility-impaired patients. Full-electric hospital beds for home use is equipped with silent electromagnetic traction motors to raise the head, feet and height of the bed frame at the touch of a button. This type of adjustable electric bed is perfect for usage in home, hospital, rehabilitation center or nursing home. With a motorized platform, it makes it easy for caregivers or family members to assist patients.

Electric hospital bed features

1. Height adjustable to accommodate the comfortable working height of the caregiver and facilitate a smooth transition in and out of bed.

2. Open frame design, compatible with most standard mattresses.

3. Four smooth rolling casters with foot-operated locking mechanism and swivel function for easy carrying around the facility.

4. Five practical functions to meet daily needs: back, leg, forward, backward, rise (lower).

5. Electric lifting function, convenient for getting up and down the bed and specific functions.

6. The height can be freely controlled between 45 cm and 80 cm above the ground.

7. Choose a silent electromagnetic traction motor, equipped with an emergency stop button, backlight remote control, safety is more critical.

8. All sides of the guardrail, hydraulic power control, slow down folding for easy storage.

9. Central control brake system, one component controls four wheels, safety is improved again.

As an electric patient adult medical beds supplier, Youjian provides high performance electric hospital beds and wheelchairs to make patients or elders and nursing people invacare. With customized service and low cost price, welcome to choose your interested products and contact us for any questions!


Patient Comfort and Recovery: Electric hospital beds are designed to provide optimal comfort and support for patients during their recovery from medical procedures, illnesses, or injuries.

Medical Procedures and Examinations: These beds are used for various medical procedures and examinations, as they allow healthcare professionals to position patients appropriately for treatments, surgeries, and diagnostic tests.

Post-Surgery Care: Electric hospital beds are particularly useful for patients who have undergone surgery, as the adjustable positions can help manage pain and support the healing process.

Elderly Care: In nursing homes and long-term care facilities, electric hospital beds offer elderly individuals a comfortable place to rest while addressing their specific medical and mobility needs.

Intensive Care Units (ICUs): Electric beds equipped with advanced features are commonly found in ICUs, where critically ill patients require precise positioning and continuous monitoring.

Maternity Wards: Electric hospital beds are used in maternity wards for childbirth and postpartum recovery, providing expectant mothers with adjustable support during labor and comfort during rest.

Home Healthcare: Electric hospital beds can be set up in patients' homes, allowing them to receive medical care and recover comfortably while under the supervision of healthcare professionals or caregivers.

Palliative and Hospice Care: Patients in palliative or hospice care benefit from the adjustable positions of electric beds, helping manage pain and ensuring comfort during their final stages of life.

Rehabilitation Centers: Electric hospital beds play a role in rehabilitation settings, aiding patients recovering from injuries, strokes, or surgeries to engage in therapeutic exercises.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention: The ability to adjust the bed's positions can help prevent pressure ulcers by redistributing pressure on the body and promoting blood circulation.

Respiratory Care: Electric beds with the ability to raise the upper body can assist patients with respiratory issues, helping them find a more comfortable breathing position.

Bariatric Care: Electric hospital beds designed for bariatric patients provide the necessary support and adjustability for larger individuals.

Emergency Situations: In emergency departments, electric hospital beds with quick-release mechanisms aid medical staff in providing rapid care to critically ill patients.

Recovery Rooms: Electric beds in recovery rooms allow patients to rest and recuperate after surgeries and medical procedures while being monitored closely.

Diagnostic Imaging: Electric hospital beds are used in imaging departments to position patients correctly for X-rays, MRI scans, and other imaging procedures.

Outpatient Clinics: Electric beds are used in outpatient clinics for procedures and treatments that require patient comfort and precise positioning.

Neurological Care: For patients with neurological conditions, electric beds offer adjustable support that caters to their specific needs.

Why choose a electric hospital bed?

1. Mobility: If your mobility is severely limited, then an all-electric hospital bed may be the right choice for you. These beds can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button, making them ideal for people with limited mobility.

2. Nursing assistance: If you do not have a nurse or someone who can lift and lower your bed for you, an electric hospital bed will be essential for you.

3. Comfortable: If you prefer a bed that is convenient to use and easy to use, then the electric bed is sure to be a great choice for you. These types of beds eliminate the physical labor associated with other hospital beds, such as semi-electric or manual beds.


Overall size2200mmx1100mmx510mm
Product features
  • The electric lifting function is convenient for getting on and off the bed.

  • Silent electromagnetic traction motor is selected to be more efficient.

  • Integrated forming of fine steel stamping plate surface.

  • High density brown+sponge inner core does not collapse after long sleep.

Product size1935*900*490/750(±50)mm
Bed materialThickened steel plate
Product function Back rest lifting (0-85°)Bent leg rest lifting (0-35°)  Overall liftingTilt left and right

Electric Five-Function Medical Sickbeds


Electric Patient Adult Medical Beds

Electric Patient Adult Medical Beds

Electric Patient Adult Medical Beds

Electric Patient Adult Medical Beds

Electric Patient Adult Medical Beds

Electric Patient Adult Medical Beds

Electric Patient Adult Medical Beds

Electric Patient Adult Medical Beds

Electric Patient Adult Medical Beds


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