How Do I Choose the Right Nursing Bed?

Nov. 12, 2022

Traditional care is difficult. Not only because eating, turning and back rubbing, and bed sores cause pain to the patient, but also because it makes it more difficult for the caregiver. So, how do you choose the right nursing bed? There are various types of nursing beds. The choice can be made according to your purchasing needs. At the same time, when buying large medical equipment such as nursing beds, you should learn more about the major brands before you start with the product sales, features, etc.

Economic 5-functions Electric Patient Adult Medical Sickbeds

1. Bed Size

Nursing beds also come in many different weight options. Typically, bariatric beds offer higher weight capacity and larger dimensions. Many beds come with wheels that allow easy movement from one place to another when necessary.

2. Electric Beds and Manual Beds

Manual nursing beds are suitable for patients with short-term care needs, while electric nursing beds are suitable for patients who are bedridden for a long time and have limited mobility. This not only greatly reduces the burden of nursing staff, but most importantly, patients can control their own lives, which greatly improves their confidence in life and is conducive to the recovery of patients' diseases. At the same time, considering the economic factors, electric nursing beds are more practical than manual nursing beds.

3. Nursing Beds with Turn-over Function

Nursing beds with side-turning function are suitable for nursings or clinics where patients have little autonomous activity, the pre-morbid danger period has passed, but the degree of paralysis is severe and there are few nursing staff. This can effectively prevent the three major complications (pneumonia, urinary tract infection, and bed sores) in patients who are bedridden for a long time.

4. Nursing Beds with Folding Function

Some nursing beds are also divided into two-fold, two-fold, three-fold and four-fold. Two folds can realize the sedentary function. Three folds can achieve the end-sitting function, which can be used as a wheelchair to facilitate the patient's own activities. Four folds can achieve the same comfortable posture as sitting on a chair. This kind of nursing bed is suitable for the health care of some fracture rehabilitation patients and long-term bedridden patients, and facilitates the needs of special patients for sleeping, studying and recreation.

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