Hydraulic Transfer Lift Chair
Hydraulic Transfer Lift Chair

Hydraulic Transfer Lift Chair

Product Name: Multi-Function Patient Lifting Device 

Material: Cold-Rolled Low Carbon Steel Passage 

Width: 58cm Maximum 

Load: 200kg 

Caster Wheels: Silent Omni-directional Braking Wheels 

Armrest Material: Rubber 

Target Audience: Middle-aged and elderly individuals, bedridden patients, postpartum and post-surgery recovery, etc.

Commode transport chair is designed to effortlessly transfer paralyzed or dependent patients with minimal physical strain. With a maximum width of 58cm, Patient Transfer Device effortlessly supports patients up to 200kg. Experience unparalleled ease in moving bedridden patients and aiding post-surgery recovery with the transfer lift chair. Equipped with Omni-directional Braking Wheels, this medical device from Youjian ensures noiseless movement and seamless maneuverability, allowing for smooth transitions without disturbance.

Patient Lifting Device Features: 

● Hands-Free Lifting / Easy Mobility Functions: Multiple functions to meet your various daily needs 

● Height Adjustable 

● Omnidirectional Casters 

● 180° Swivel 

● Thickened Pipe Wall 

● Strong Load-Bearing 

● Effortless Mobility

Functions: Easy care to solve your worries, providing comfortable and convenient personal services for you and your family. 

Suitable for: Elderly people confined to bed, individuals with leg weakness due to accidents or fractures, individuals with mobility issues.

Transfer Lift Chair, Commode Transport Chair

Product Highlights: Multiple functions to meet your various daily needs

1. 180° Easy Opening and Closing: Effortlessly adapt to various scenarios, reducing strain on caregivers.

2. Hydraulic Rod · Height Adjustment: Lightly step on the hydraulic rod to easily adjust the height, saving time and effort during transfers.

3. 200kg Load Capacity: High-strength, toughened, thickened round pipes provide strong load-bearing capacity and extended lifespan.

4. Bathroom Mobility, Easy Access to:

● Mobile Toilet

● Raised Squatting Toilet Seat

● Leisure Wheelchair

5. Detachable Tabletop

● Convenient dining table design, freely detachable for easy use.

6. Reinforced Hydraulic Rod Support, Stable Load Bearing

● 3-stage hydraulic rod with 5.0mm thick pipe wall, tested through multiple upgrades for stable load-bearing and durability, ensuring long lifespan, smooth lifting, and minimal noise.

Additional Auxiliary Functions

● Silent Omni-directional Braking Wheels

● One-Key Locking Buckle

● Comfortable Leather Backrest

● Foot Pedal Design

● Wide and Thick Sponge Cushion

● Comfortable Handles

● Special Cushion for Easy Sitting Without Standing

● Commode

Company Advantages 

● Production Strength · Comprehensive Mechanical Equipment 

● Quality Materials 

● Ample Inventory · Timely Delivery of Stock Supplies 

● Storage and Transportation · Safe and Fast

Transfer Lift Chair, Commode Transport Chair

Friendly Reminder

1. Users must be able to sit or stand, otherwise they may tilt sideways.

2. Small wheels cannot handle ramps and are suitable for smooth ground pushing.

3. Supervision is required during usage; users cannot operate independently.

4. Gaps under the bed less than 13cm are not suitable for usage; the shift device cannot get close to the bed surface.

5. Doorway width must be greater than 56cm to directly push through the door.

6. Bed height must be between 40cm and 64cm for proper use on the bed.

7. User weight must be below 240 jin (approximately 120 kg) within the safe load range.

8. Obese patients should read the specifications carefully and consult customer service for details.


Transfer Lift Chair Commode Transport Chair
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